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Interesting Google Earth Finds

Interesting Google Earth Finds

Traffic Accident – Baghdad
33°19’37.28″N, 44°17’4.78″E

Traffic Accident – Baghdad
33*20`18.93″N, 44*22`40.93″E

Capsized Cruise Ship – Korea
35°9’20.89″N, 129°8’49.49″E

Crane Collapse – Holland
52°1’44.67″N, 4°17’20.73″E
Some of the sights you find in Google Earth are just plain mysterious. For example, why is a fighter jet parked (Google Earth coordinates 48.825183,2.1985795) in what looks to be a residential neighborhood lot near Paris? And why is this lake in Iraq (33.39845000,44.48416800) blood red?
Sometimes Google Earth is lucky enough to catch things as they happen. Here Google Earth captures a truck that crashed (Google Earth coordinates 46.765669,-100.79274) outside of Bismarck, North Dakota. In another instance, Google Earth caught fishermen illegally bottom-trawling (28.102512,-14.265835) beaches near Spain’s Canary Islands.
The unblinking eyes of the satellites record not only human achievements, but our less successful moments as well. One example is this huge ship (Google Earth coordinates 30.541634,47.825445) floating on its side after a maritime accident in the waters of Basrah, Iraq.
For aviation buffs, Google Earth offers the unique ability to spot airplanes in midair. One Google Earth Community has Placemarks for more than 3300 planes in flight, including this World War II bomber (Google Earth coordinates 52.336392,-0.1953462) flying over Huntingdon, England.
Google Earth doesn’t have advertising, unless you consider the corporate logos and trademarks big enough to be seen from space. This giant Ford logo (Google Earth coordinates 42.302284,-83.231215) is found near (where else?) Detroit, Michigan. You think that’s big? Check out the massive Coca-Cola logo (-18.529225,-70.25002) etched into a hillside in Chile with 70,000 Coke bottles. Haven’t they heard of recycling?
Nothing can replace hopping in a plane and going somewhere, but Google Earth gives you a small taste of what you might see when you visit some of the world’s tourist destinations. This spectacular shot shows Victoria Falls (Google Earth coordinates -17.925511,25.858223) on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Other virtual destinations worth flying over are Mt. Everest (27.985866,86.92844) and Mt. Kilimanjaro (-3.0726042,37.343093).
Google’s satellites sometimes catch the Earth’s inhabitants on the move, like these ten African elephants (Google Earth coordinates 10.903497,19.93229).
Think parking is tough where you live? In Westenbergstraat, Netherlands, drivers apparently have to park on the sides of walls (Google Earth coordinates 52.069207,4.3139865).
National Geographic partnered with Google Earth on a project called Africa Megaflyover. The magazine has made more than 500 high-resolution images accessible through Google Earth, including this close-up view (Google Earth coordinates 15.298693,19.429661) of camels and their caretakers taking a water break in Nigeria.
Spend enough time on Google Earth, and you start thinking that the world is a pretty low-resolution place. But Google Earth is steadily updating its maps with high-resolution pictures. Zoom in on this Google Earth satellite shot of Australia’s Bondi Beach (Google Earth coordinates -33.892351,151.27538), and you can almost read the designer labels on the bikinis.
If you’re in the intelligence business, Google Earth makes hiding big things nearly impossible. This image is believed to be of a 1.8-square-mile scale model of a disputed region on the border of China and India. Google Earth spotters found it in a remote area in north central China (Google Earth coordinates 38.265652,105.9517). One theory on why this model exists comes from the Australian publication The Age, which reported that the scale model is used to train tank drivers.
As if Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity weren’t big enough already, an Arizona farmer built a 10-acre homage to the talk show host (Google Earth coordinates 33.225488,-111.5955). Visitors can tell their friends, “I got lost inside Oprah’s head.”
Without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to crop circles is Google Earth. This circle in the desert just outside Beatty, Nevada (Google Earth coordinates 37.401437,-116.86773), is one of hundreds spotted with the software.
This giant pink bunny (Google Earth coordinates 44.244273,7.769737) in Prata Nevoso, Italy, was built by a group of artists from Vienna, according to published accounts. It’s 200 feet long and answers to the name “Hare.”
Dubbed The Badlands Guardian by locals, this geological marvel (Google Earth coordinates 50.010083,-110.113006) in Alberta, Canada, bears an uncanny resemblance to a human head wearing a full Native American headdress–and earphones, to boot. Of course, The Guardian was produced naturally.
I caught an image of grass fire on google maps. This is above Africa in the Republic of the Congo just east of Kikwit.

UFO Landing :O


Here are coordinates from secret places for you:
01. Google Pool: 37°25’20.41″N 122° 5’6.00″W
02. Airplane: 50°12’47.26″N 8°52’7.31″E
03. Tent: 28°29’43.15″N 81°34’50.07″W
04. Indian 1: 6°42’51.37″N 42°11’42.82″E
05. Black Line & Fire on ice: 69° 3’7.72″N 41° 8’29.66″W
06. BAR: 39°49’21.77″N 3°28’44.50″W
07. Star: 37°24’1.66″N 116°51’58.85″W
08. Pyramid: 37°37’38.49″N 116°50’26.44″W
09. Eddie Fuck: 53°32’18.35″N 1°20’44.17″W
10. Nude Dutch People: 52° 4’43.34″N 4°19’58.12″E
11. Nude German Woman: 52°30’31.46″N 13°20’6.90″E
12. English Crop Circle: 53°31’54.33″N 1°21’24.93″W
13. Firefox-Logo: 45° 7’25.87″N 123° 6’48.97″W
14. Nazi-Building: 32°40’33.83″N 117° 9’28.36″W
15. Reversed Ship: 35° 9’18.21″N 129° 8’51.37″E
16. Bomber: 52°20’10.98″N 0°11’43.17″W
17. Indian 2 (with i-pod): 50° 0’38.19″N 110° 6’48.31″W
18. Donut Store: 25°57’0.25″N 97° 8’50.29″W
19. Giant of Tarapacá: 19°56’56.86″S 69°38’1.81″W
20. Italian Crop Circle: 44°40’52.79″N 10°19’6.39″E
21. Radar Station: 18°20’39.01″N 66°45’8.79″W
22. Sailing/Pirate Ship: 33°51’13.07″S 151°13’59.47″E


Some of that places look like they need a good Diabetics Diet to be healthy.

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Comments (98)

  1. Hazu says:

    The jet fighter on the parking near Paris is a real fighter parked on the parking lot of a school for Electronic Engineers specializing in military aviation. The students are supposed to take the electronics apart and reassemble before year end…

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  3. cornuato says:

    In San Diego on coranado island there is a building that is shaped like a swastica

  4. George says:

    #21 is no radar site; it’s the Arecibo Observatory. See Wikipedia.

  5. Google earth says:

    hai..nice blog yeah

  6. ztwen says:


  7. Google earth says:

    Banyak mengambil gambar yang bagus, sehingga kami dapat melihat mereka.

  8. SonyaSunny says:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

    Have a nice day

  9. poupou says:

    Very nice !

    The fighter jet on picture 15 is not in a residential lot but in a technical school, specialized in aeronautics (I was student there)

    Keep up !

  10. Link Building says:

    Amazing pictures! Could look at it until tomorrow… thanks! :)

  11. SonyaSunny says:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

    Thank you

  12. Project Cool says:

    I know one where there are some men looking up like they knew they were being watched

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  14. Andrew says:

    39.141915, -121.370215

    Looks like a target.

  15. Hedge says:

    21°17’54.62″N 157°52’9.11″W
    looks like a plane underwater to me

  16. Freight Forum says:

    I like the fighter jet in the parking lot, although, it probably demonstrates there is some errors in Googles software or else that wouldnt be there.

  17. David says:

    The “crop circle” in Nevada is actually a SAM-site. That is, a prepared base for Surface-to-Air-Missiles.

    Or, a training site for aircraft to attack missile sites. Nevada desert is very good for this type of training.

    (The base is empty on the picture, but ready to be occupied. The radar and optronics goes in the center, and the missile batteries are spread out around it. The different parts protected by sand berms. If one of them should be hit by an aircraft attack, the others may survive the blast and shrapnel.)

  18. Milander says:

    As may have been noted before the African animals especially the elephants were actually photo’d from low flying aircraft not satellites and added to google earth as a Nat. Geog. project.

    FYI, no commercially available satellite imagery provides that level of clarity.

  19. Adi says:

    awesome stuff…

  20. PJ says:

    UFO Landing, looks like it may be an old bomb target- do you have coordinates??

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  22. Lunyka says:

    Your missing the Giant KFC face etched into the ground in Nevada I think? It is near Area 51 I know that much at least but tis funny to look at.

  23. Free Domain Registration says:

    Awesome findings.

  24. Martineau says:

    That lake or reservoir (the image of which can no longer be viewed on this site, btw) most likely turned red because of an algae bloom. Google it!

  25. catlady says:

    when i tried to look at anything that was in korea or inda or china, google earth put theses big red x’s on the areas and i couldn’t see anything.

  26. humor me says:

    I caught the Googlemobile (or rather it caught me) when they did a street view last summer. YAY Google!

  27. FRANK ORTIZ says:

    Check out coordinates:

    41° 7’58.98″N,95°56’0.18″W

    Some farmer got crazy with the tractor. Farm by Offutt AFB.

  28. Hiram says:


  29. reh says:


    senior prank.

  30. cynthia says:

    that was okay

  31. Syed says:

    Check out the plane at 33.784833,-117.896589 in Garden Grove, CA

  32. HB says:

    Does this look like a president of any country?

    41°12’10.29″N 106°47’30.69″W

  33. val says:

    40°08’22.20 N 74°23’33.43 W
    thats cool..a plane and a cool rainbow effect?

  34. Todd says:

    Great site! This will keep me occupied for many hours. :-)

  35. Mithun says:


  36. tony says:

    half of these are wrong. think u need to update ur coordinates a bit mate

  37. nehal jain says:

    it is amazing
    i was astonished

  38. codeMonkey2 says:

    For anyone that wants to get married soon, visit this location. 41.540169,-85.727735

  39. HeHe says:

    There is not to much information here.!!!
    When u live inmal planet where there are Booss and little bos and smaler bos who are boss ruled bi $$$ ani tipe dosent mather
    u dont see the real thing here

    We ARE RULLED.. At A point we will see this is not evolution.
    this is humaniti stupidity

    Not People rull ?!

  40. HeHe says:

    We Are Lied – To be !!!???
    1 thing to be sure
    we wil not last long at this rate

  41. Jon says:

    To all of the people complaining that the pictures are missing:
    Google updates its pictures allllll the time, but the data is still there. Just use the history feature and travel back until you find it.

    also: I had to click the stop button in order to stay here and look at this site. There is some kind of redirect that takes you to a crappy youtube video and it is very annoying. Please stop that nonsense.

  42. amitbar says:

    WOW – Thank you

  43. cool dude says:


  44. nubi says:

    The Pink thingy is overcute (eventhou its not the subject of this board)
    Cool stuff here, all those weird places, well do you think that some stuff was made on main purpose for the google earth? (the crop stuff and advertising).
    keep on i like it

  45. Lawn Aeration says:

    Amazing to see Google has many things to offer and i am sure that Google each and every time amazes everyone with its Google Earth findings. Thanks keep it up Google….

  46. semikamik says:

    50.052096,8.618259 :D escorte of three B747 ;-)

  47. andy says:

    Some of the stuff here looks made up, I mean photoshopped

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