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Isabel James: Hugh Hefner Desperate In Bed!

Although Hugh’s relationship with all his bunnies in this world could be called a love triangle, it seems that the world’s most famous playboy Hugh Hefner (84) was not spared the consequences. Jealousy is one of them. Probably because of last week’s announcement engagement Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris (24), Hugh’s former darling Isabella James this week to the public has announced a number of dirt on life in the house. Emphasis is placed on Hugh’s impotence …

“When I moved into a mansion earnestly wanted to know what is in bed, king of sex. But it is only during sex lay like dead fish, so I finally asked why even running the whole show and masquerade that is overwhelming. I am sure that deep inside Hefner aware that in fact living in a false fantasy”, said frustrated Isabella.

Of course, Isabella is all dirty laundry exposed in the pages of his book in which not interfered only Hugh, but other stars. So pointed out that the frequent guests were Hefner and Charlie Sheen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell and many athletes.

Future wife playboy old man just told that she and Hugh are happy and in love, that her parents approve of relationship with a man 60 years older, but not to have kids. As Crystal says, music is her main preoccupation.

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